Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access Is The Best Value For Money In Entertainment

Microsoft has been absolutely nailing it when it comes to providing Xbox owners with great value for money over the last few years with Xbox Game Pass, but that’s set to go to a whole new level with Xbox All Access.

It’s been available for little while now with Xbox One S/X, but it’s something that more people will be looking to get into with the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, and when you break it down, it really is great value for money. Xbox All Access is available exclusively with Telstra in Australia, and the only current barrier of entry is the fact that you do need an active service with them. Similar to how most phone plans work, you’ll pay your Xbox off over a series of 24 months and own it at the end of the 24 month period.

Xbox All Access

The Xbox Series S will cost $33 AUD a month for 24 months on Xbox All Access. This equates to $792 over a 24 month period. This is obviously more than the $499 you’ll pay outright for an Xbox Series X, but that $33 a month includes 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which now includes EA Access as well.

Even without the added value of EA Access, 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will set you back $382.80. Adding the $499 that you’d be paying for the console and $382 that you’d be paying for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you’re coming in at roughly $100 cheaper going with Xbox All Access. 

When it comes to the Xbox Series X you’ll be paying $46 a month for 24 months. This equates to $1104 over a 24 month period. Once again, more than you’d pay buying it outright, but 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will set you back $382.80. This ends up being about $20 cheaper with Xbox All Access, but still a huge advantage being able to pay it off bit by bit.

Just like Xbox Game Pass, Xbox All Access provides another way for people that don’t necessarily want to drop $500-$800 on a console (up near $1000 once you buy a game or two), to get into the next generation of gaming without dropping a lot of money all at once. It’s still expensive long-term, and definitely a luxury item, but it’s definitely going to provide people with a great interest-free option that won’t cost them anymore when all is said and done.

The fact that you can easily spend $20 a month on Netflix, $19 to go see a movie at the cinemas, $35 to screen Mulan on Disney Plus (plus another $9 for the subscription) or anywhere upwards of $100 a month on Foxtel, it quickly becomes clear that Xbox All Access is the best value for money in all of entertainment.