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Australian Xbox All Access Xbox Series X/S Subscription Pricing Has Also Been Revealed

In addition to announcing the Australian Xbox Series X/S prices and releases dates earlier tonight, Microsoft has also announced the Xbox All Access pricing.

  • Xbox Series S – $33 AUD a month (for 24 months).
  • Xbox Series X – $46 AUD a month (for 24 months).

For those that don’t know, Xbox All Access is exclusive to Telstra in Australia. You need to sign up for 24 months and you’ll then pay your Xbox Series X/S off monthly (like a phone plan).

Each price is inclusive of the console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (both Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass). It’s assumed that you’ll be able to pre-order the consoles using the Xbox All Access subscription model on September 22nd as well (this is when you can pre-order consoles outright). It’s worth mentioning that you need to have a Telstra mobile or home broadband plan to take advantage of Xbox All Access. It’s unclear if this will change.

These prices actually don’t work out too badly. You’re saving a tiny bit of money if you add in the price of the console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate over 24 months.

Xbox Series X/S Australian Prices And Release Date Revealed