Press Start’s GOTY 2021 #8 – Psychonauts 2


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#8 – Psychonauts 2

Although it hasn’t had the saturation Halo has, Psychonauts 2, like Halo Infinite, feels like a game that was decades in the making. Under the leadership of Tim Schafer, the team has delivered a touching, modern follow-up to a cult classic that helped Double Fine become the studio they are today. The game kickstarted a whirlwind holiday period for Xbox’s first-party stables, and we’re so excited to see what the team does next.

Psst, let it be Banjo. They’d nail it.

It’s one of a few platforming games to make the team’s final top ten and it’s arguably the most unique of the lot. It’s thematically bolder than it has any right to be and the tonal balance it strikes in tackling adult concepts despite looking like something from the Tim Burton school of weird is a tremendous achievement.

In his review, James gave Psychonauts 2 an 8/10 and said: “Psychonauts 2 brings together classic platforming, an engaging story, and well realised combat in a package that feels reminiscent of the best platformers of decades past. Even better, it does this with a visual flair that’s unmatched by its contemporaries. It might be more of the same, but given how unique it is, that’s hardly a bad thing.”

As it stands on Metacritic, Psychonauts 2 is sitting at 87 based on 67 critic reviews.


#8 – Psychonauts 2

#9 – Forza Horizon 5

#10 – Halo Infinite

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