So, shrines in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are an incredibly important part of the game, but the best thing about them is they’re completely optional. Each shrine consists of 2-3 smaller puzzles in which the player must defeat. There’s also a hidden chest in each shrine.

Important Shrine Facts

  • Once you’ve completed a Shrine, it’ll change colour from red to blue (as with towers).
  • Once you visit a shrine, it’ll be added to a fast travel location on your map, regardless of whether you complete it or not.
  • When completing a shrine, you’ll get a Spirit Orb. Every time you collect four of these, you’ll be able to add a bit of stamina or an extra heart container, both which are important in your journey.

How Many Shrines Are In Breath of the Wild

There’s 120 Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with more to come in DLC. We’ve listed them all in a map below, but it’ll be up to you to find out exactly how to access them. Most are available in plain sight, whilst some are hidden behind puzzles or other objects.

We’d recommend that you use the Shrine Tracker in order to fine-tune your tracking.





  • I only count 118 in that picture. Am I missing something?

    • BotW

      Same. I found all in the picture got only 118. Ehat are we missin’?

      • purphuros

        um just cutting in you cant see all of them i can see straight off 1 point where theres 2 shrines that are on top of each other (twin peaks)

        • BotW

          Yeah I know. I have both. I found 116 Shrines. I don’t know what to do with the one on the Gerudo summit and near Deat Mountain and Kakariko (the stone that impa has is needed, I guess) which make 119. So… where’s the last…?

          • purphuros

            KK go through and double check the kass (rito) shrines. if you go to the blood moon one, theres a book telling about them. thats a good start. otherwise your gonna have to go check all NPC’s giving quests and hope to find a shrine quest

          • Franz Heinrich

            if you are still looking for it. here is my map with all shires, you also can rightclick them to mark them as visited:

  • Jared Switch

    Is anyone else having issues with the shrine count? Mine shows 118 of the 120 but I have counted the ones I have found and compared to multiple lists of all 120 and they match. Is there a glitch or am I missing something?