Here’s What Amiibos Do In Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The highly anticipated Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is finally out on Nintendo Switch.

I must admit, even though I’d played the game a few times before release, I had no idea that the game included Amiibo support until I got to the part of the game. The Amiibo support is a lot simpler than other games, but it’s actually quite effective in terms of what you get.


When you complete Chapter 5 AKA Brother Where Art Thou in the first world, not only will you unlock Mario’s brother Luigi, you’ll also get the Amiibo R&D building in Peach’s Castle hub. This is located to the left of Peach and has an Amiibo scanner on top of it.

Once you get in, the game will tell you which Amiibo are compatible. If you can’t tell by the fairly obvious silhouettes, the compatible amigo are:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yoshi


Each Amiibo unlocks a primary (for your main) and secondary weapon (for your Rabbbid counterpart) that are each more powerful than what you can get in the game at the time of unlocking the Amiibo functionality.

The weapons and their stats are below:

Flame Job (Mario)
Hit Damage: 30-40
Bounce Damage: 52
Medium Range: 10 Cells
Against Small Enemies: +15% chance
Bounce Chance: 30%
Cover Damage: Low

Bone Shaker (Rabbid Mario)
Hit Damage: 55-65
Bounce Damage: 85
Close Range: 1 Cells
Cooldown: 1 turn
Bounce Chance: 30%
Cover Damage: None
Area of Damage: 2 cells

Phoshorus (Luigi)
Hit Damage: 35-45
Ink Damage: 59
Long Range: 15 cells
Against Large Enemies: +15%
Ink Chance: 30%
Cover Damage: Low

Burning Question (Rabbid Luigi)
Hit Damage: 25-35
Burn Damage: 46
Medium Range: 10 cells
Against Small Enemies: +15 chance
Burn Chance: 50%
Cover Damage: Low

Block Blaster (Peach)
Stats not available yet

Barrel Blaster (Rabbid Peach)
Hit Damage: 30-40
Push Damage: 52
Medium Range: 10 cells
Against Small Enemies: +10% Damage
Push Chance: 30%
Cover Damage: Low

Torpedo (Yosh)
Stats not available yet

Mega Bite (Rabbid Yoshi)
Stats not available yet