Here’s How To Fix The Black Border Issue In God Of War

So, both myself and another writer (Brodie) were playing through the new God of War over the last few weeks. He mentioned to me that he wasn’t sure (stylistically) about the black border around the game, which left me puzzled as I didn’t see such thing during my play through.

Upon checking his settings, he was able to discover that God of War treats the ‘display ‘size’ settings differently to most games. Whilst most games just default to the edge of screen, God of War takes into account the borders that you put in when setting up your PS4. I remember a previous FIFA game requiring similar adjustments.

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Trawling Twitter and Facebook over the weekend, almost every screenshot that I saw people sharing from their PS4 had this hideous black border. It was almost like people weren’t even aware.

If you’ve got black borders whilst playing PS4, it’s definitely not right, so here’s how you can fix it:

  • Go To Settings > Sound and Screen
  • Go to the Display Area menu
  • Push the on-screen arrows right up to the edge of the screen