Microsoft HoloLens announced

Microsoft has just revealed a new wearable computer called HoloLens at its Windows 10 event. It projects high-resolution 3D images you can interact with in real time without being tethered to a computer – this, of course, distinguishes itself from other devices such as the Oculus Rift. Its lenses are see-through, so users can see these holographic images in their real-world environment.

HoloLens features a self contained computer and will employ spatial sound, meaning you will be able to hear holograms that are spaced behind you. HoloLens has been in development for several years according to Microsoft and will release sometime during the Windows 10 time frame as part of a holographic computing system titled Windows Holographic. Windows Holographic is designed to project the digital work and play space into its user’s real worlds.

A short demo of the successor to Microsoft Paint, Holo Studios, was shown. It allows users to create 3D objects, manipulating them in space to then be printed as three-dimensional figures. A short teaser of how games might work with HoloLens found its way to the stage in the form a holographic take on Minecraft.

No information regarding price was announced. Stay tuned for more news.