Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Trailer Released

EA have shown off another gameplay trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, a free-running first-person action game from the very busy developers at DICE. The rather lengthy trailer teases the games story a heap whilst also demonstrating the game’s combat system in the most detail we’ve seen yet! Get excited about this trailer! Here’s to hoping this games kicks as much ass as Faith when it finally releases on February 23rd, 2016.

Author’s Note: If you listen to the Start Cast, which you should, you’ll no that I am unabashedly a HUGE Mirror’s Edge fan. I just want to draw particular attention to the art direction of this game, which is simply phenomenal. There’s something believably modern and sleek about this world, but in a way that feels sinister and sterile. It reminds me of the dentist’s; sure it’s clean, but it’s also a place where they remove people’s teeth!
Also, I think it’s worthy of note too that the game looks a whole bunch more open in terms of level design. I looked at that environment and thought I saw a bunch of different avenues and routes to take. I also REALLY want to know what happens if you interrupt that confrontation you stumble upon. Maybe you’ll score some brownie points if you save the guy. (Brownie points is a currency in the game, right?) Anyhow (spoiler alert for the above trailer) she doesn’t interrupt it and I got the sense that she turns after hearing a gun shot. Was the guy killed? Did he pull a gun on the guards? There’s a whole other narrative potentially there! Or maybe, I’m way to optimistic… 

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