New Battlefront ‘Fighter Squadron Mode’ Revealed + Gameplay

During EA’s Gamescom conference, a new mode – called ‘Fighter Squadron mode’ for the highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront by developers DICE, was revealed with the above gameplay trailer. The clip shows a squadron of classic Star Wars fighter (Tie Fighters, X-Wings and the like) battling it out in atmosphere, with one team seemingly defending a VIP target and the other team attempting to destroy it. Also, there seems to be an extension of the Hero-system with the all too familiar Millennium Falcon making a dramatic entrance (much like it did to save the day in A New Hope). It looks pretty faced paced, and bonkers, but bearing in mind that there will not be any space battles in this version of the classic Star Wars game, is this enough to satisfy your cravings for Star Wars themed dog-fights? Let us know in the comments.

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Author’s Note: I’ve never much been one for the aerial combat in Battlefield games – it very much seems to be reserved for those with far better hand-eye coordination then myself – but this looks a little more forgiving. The targeting system seems to had a slight aim assist and there seems to be some pretty powerful weapons. The air space also seems awfully congested, I wonder how easy (or difficult) it will be to effectively navigate the space and select targets. For now, I speculate this won’t be my preferred game mode, and I predict it will have some balancing issues, but we’ll see! It’s hard to judge of only one video. Also, is that voice coming from the Falcon supposed to be Han Solo? Questionable voice acting? 

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