Nintendo have confirmed that Bayonetta, Corrin as well as the sixth wave of Mii Fighter costumes are available now worldwide! Prices as below.

3DS AU$6.50 /NZ$8.50
Wii U AU$6.50 /NZ$8.50
3DS Wii U AU$7.80 /NZ$10.20

Bayonetta + Umbra Clock Tower Stage
3DS AU$7.80 /NZ$10.20
Wii U AU$7.80 /NZ$10.20
3DS Wii U AU$9.10 /NZ$11.90

Collection #6
The entire sixth collection of AOC, together in one bundle!
3DS AU$20.60 /NZ$26.80
WiiU AU$20.60 /NZ$26.80
3DS WiiU AU$26.20 /NZ$34.10