Bayonetta & Corrin Available Now In Super Smash Bros

Nintendo have confirmed that Bayonetta, Corrin as well as the sixth wave of Mii Fighter costumes are available now worldwide! Prices as below.

3DS AU$6.50 /NZ$8.50
Wii U AU$6.50 /NZ$8.50
3DS Wii U AU$7.80 /NZ$10.20

Bayonetta + Umbra Clock Tower Stage
3DS AU$7.80 /NZ$10.20
Wii U AU$7.80 /NZ$10.20
3DS Wii U AU$9.10 /NZ$11.90

Collection #6
The entire sixth collection of AOC, together in one bundle!
3DS AU$20.60 /NZ$26.80
WiiU AU$20.60 /NZ$26.80
3DS WiiU AU$26.20 /NZ$34.10