Remedy Reveal Why They Create Games Exclusively For Xbox

Remedy Entertainment have revealed why they create their games exclusively for Microsoft platforms. Following last week’s announcement that Quantum Break was the highest selling new Microsoft IP on Xbox One, it’s no secret that Remedy are a big part of the success of Xbox.

Thomas Puma, Head of Media and Partners at Remedy Entertainment had the below to say:

“We look at Quantum’s marketing, (it’s something I’ve been involved in) and it’s great stuff. There are trailers,  there’s TV ads, lots of visibility in print and online, and these sorts of things are what a big publisher can do, which is awesome. [Microsoft’s team is] working long hours and weeks, and there are big events for Quantum in specifically Brazil and that’s awesome to see. Microsoft knows what they’re going to get with a Remedy game and that’s awesome.”

We absolutely loved Quantum Break. You can read our review here.