Nintendo NX’s ‘Secret Idea’ Is Keeping Nintendo From Revealing The Console

In an interview with The Associated Press, creator of Mario & Zelda, Miyamoto has revealed that it is a new idea that Nintendo are working on that are keeping the company from revealing anything too soon about the Nintendo NX. He went on to say that if it was a simple following of advancements, then they’d be able to reveal information a lot quicker. It isn’t clear whether he means that they haven’t revealed the console because they’re still finalising the idea or that they’re just holding their cards close to their chest.

“In terms of NX, there’s an idea that we’re working on,” said “Super Mario” and “Donkey Kong” creator Shigeru Miyamoto through a Japanese translator. “That’s why we can’t share anything at this point, and I don’t want to comment on the other companies. If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker.”

Source: AAP