Here’s Horizon Zero Dawn As A 2D Platformer

Horizon: Zero Dawn can be absolutely applauded for just how beautiful it is. It’s one of the most incredible looking words in gaming history.

However, there’s something about this mockup of the game as a 2D platformer complete with pixel art that just takes it to another level.

C7R0pzxV0AEtPbvAloy looks great, the Watchers still look ominous and the environment looks luscious. It’s completely with weapons and Aloy’s health bar.

Fakes Forges has even gone one step further and mocked it up onto a Game Boy game.

fake_forge_horizon_zero_dawn_gameboyI can’t wait to see what Guerrilla Games does with this franchise. The creatures and characters have stuck with me and I hope that this universe gets expanded.

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