Melbourne Man Has The World’s Largest Games Collection

Joel Hopkins, a Melbourne man known for his YouTube channel Last Gamer, has long been known in the industry for having the largest Guinness World Record certified games collection on the planet. He has amassed a staggering amount of games, numbered in the tens of thousands. He has arcade machines, consoles and high-value statuettes as far as the eye can see.

Joel has been kind enough to release, on his channel, a room tour where he shows off his still incomplete collection. As you can imagine, cataloguing and shelving this many games does take time. The video is well over an hour long as we get an exhaustive look at the room Joel custom-built in his own home.

It’s a staggering collection though, despite its size, it’s hilarious that he’s only collected a paltry handful of PlayStation Vita games. A testament to the handheld’s selling power.

In a past interview, Joel even declared his intentions to recreate the arcade centre Flashback, which used to be located in the heart of Melbourne, in his very own home. He’s truly committed to keeping the nostalgia well and truly alive.

Kudos, Joel.