Fortnite’s Insane New Blitz Mode Is Now Playable For A Limited Time

Fortnite’s Blitz mode that was announced last week is now live on all platforms.

If the original Fortnite wasn’t hectic enough for you, Blitz sounds much more intense. The storm will start shrinking as soon as you begin to drop, rather than the usual two minutes that you get to forage. There’s also a lot more treasure chests, ammo boxes and much more loot in general.

There’s also more supply drops, coming in at 80 seconds and dropping from the sky at twice the speed of normal. Resources harvested with your pickaxe will also be doubled and there will be much more launchpads in play.

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It’s only available for a limited time. You can play wither on your own or in squads, except for on mobile where it’s limited to playing solo whilst they sort out an issue.