Melbourne Is Getting A Free Retro Gaming Festival

QV Melbourne has announced that it is putting on a retro gaming festival that will spill out into nearby laneways. From August 31st to September 23rd, the retro gaming festival will feature arcade machines, retro games as well as a Nintendo themed candy bar.

A live competition will take place that will put casual gamers against professionals. This will happen across all four weeks on a Friday night. Super Smash Bros will be the game of choice with gamers taking part in three minute heats. You’ll also be able to play Super Smash Bros on the big screen at 11am each day.

The pop-up gaming arcade will also be open from 11am until 7pm every day featuring Mario Kart, Pong, Space Invader Donkey Kong and other games.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, there will also be a Nintendo-themed candy bar and retro tunes from 4-7pm every Friday night.