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EB Care Is A New EB Games Service Launching Next Week

UPDATE: EB Games has now revealed EB Care and we’ve got the pricing.

We have learned that EB Games is launching a new service called EB Care starting on Monday.

This service will allow you to purchase one, two or three year EB Care plans alongside new consoles, controllers or games (preowned games are included too). This means that you’ll get your consoles, controllers or games repaired/replaced if they no longer work (whilst your EB Care plan is active) even if the damage is accidental and your own fault.

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Pricing ranges between $1 (for games) and $80 (for consoles). I can definitely see it being useful for controllers and portable consoles, where accidents are prone to happening, and you’d be fresh out of luck if it did. Similarly for games, it essentially seems like it will replace EB Games’ scratch guarantee.