EB Care Has Been Officially Revealed By EB Games And Here’s How Much It Costs

Last week we broke the news that EB Games was set to unveil an accidental damage protection program (and extended warranty) called EB Care and they’ve now revealed it on their social accounts.

To get EB Care on products, you’ll need to talk to your local store when you’re purchasing games, controllers or consoles.


EB Care is a service that can be sold with new PS4, Xbox One and Switch consoles, new PS4 and Xbox One controllers and new or preowned games. It then covers the item for any fault or failures (including accidental damage) for up to three years.

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EB Care Plan1 Year2 Years3 Years
PS4 Slim$59$79
PS4 Pro$75$99
Xbox One S$59$79
Xbox One X $75$99
Nintendo Switch Lite$65$89
Nintendo Switch$75$99
DualShock 4$19$29
Xbox One Controller$19$29
Games Under $10$1
Games $19.95-$10$2
Games $49.95-$20$3
Games Over $50$5

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