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An Internal EB Games Memo Claims Stores Will Close If State/Federal Law Requires And Thanks Staff For Hard Work

An internal EB Games note obtained by Kotaku Australia has thanked staff for their outstanding service over the last few weeks and outlined what could happen if the retailer is shut down due to lock-downs. We had sighted this memo late last week and have had it verified with several EB Games staff.

The memo starts by thanking staff, who have continued to work through not only incredibly challenging times, but also busier than usual times (with games becoming a hot item over the last few weeks) “Your achievements through these trying times have been amazing. In an environment where some other retailers have been required to close by government order and others have thrown in the towel, you have continued to serve your customers magnificently. It is especially so when you consider this has all been done with COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s mind and the need to maintain strict social distancing rules. Your efforts have been legendary.” the memo states.

In reference to stores closing the memo states that EB Games will do “exactly what our State and Federal governments ask of us, whatever that is”. It also goes on to detail what would happen to staff if are stood down, although it’s a little unclear. EB Games is definitely not making any promises in terms of paying staff in a shut down. The memo reads:”If we have to close, I cannot promise you we can pay you for the entire period of any stand down. The variables are too great, I don’t know if or when a stand down may occur. I don’t know if it will be regional or national. I don’t know if there will be any government assistance and most importantly, I do not know how long it will last. Rest assured we have a plan to hopefully soften the blow of any worst case scenario.”

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You can read the full memo over at Kotaku Australia.