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Some Of Aussie Broadband’s NBN Plans Are Going Up In Price

Some of Aussie Broadband’s NBN plans have gone up in price, with existing customers set to be moved onto other plans at the same price point in November.

Specifically the change will affect those on the 100/20 and 100/40 plans. The 100/20 unlimited plan will now cost $99 a month (the existing price of their 100/40 plan) and the 100/40 unlimited plan will now cost $109 (previously $99).

Aussie Broadband’s new plans are as below (head here for more information):

  • 25/10 Unlimited – $69 a month
  • 50/20 Unlimited – $79 a month
  • 75/20 Unlimited – $89 a month
  • 100/20 Unlimited – $99 a month
  • 100/40 Unlimited – $109 a month

These plans will go into effect for new customers starting now, with existing customers moved over to the lower plan in the same price bracket in November. Aussie Broadband has given customers 60 days notice, with the below email being sent out today:

We’re writing to let you know that, unfortunately, from your billing cycle in November 2020, we will need to migrate you from your current plan NBN 100Mbps/40Mbps Unlimited ($99.00) to NBN 100Mbps/20Mbps Unlimited ($99.00) for the same cost of $99.00

Whilst it is a slight upload decrease, the price will remain the same and your download speed will also remain the same.

It goes without saying that we did not want to do this, but due to increased costs and the current NBN wholesale pricing model we have been forced to choose between congestion or higher prices. For a more in-depth look into the reasons why we were forced into this decision, click here.

In the spirit of ‘No Bullsh*t’, we are actually losing money on a lot of our legacy plans such as yours. As a smaller provider, we can’t offer plans that are below cost price. Given the COVID situation, however, we’ve waited as long as we could to give everyone full advantage of our old pricing.

We hope you choose to stay with us – if you do, your plan will change automatically from your November bill, and you don’t need to do anything else.