Atari VCS

The Atari VCS Console Was Delayed And Nobody Really Noticed

Now that the PS5 and Xbox Series X have released and we’re creeping towards December, I had a random thought about the Atari VCS 800 that was also supposed to launch in November.

I headed over to EB Games’ website to discover that the release date is now March 2021. It’s unclear if this means that the unit has been delayed worldwide. I’m yet to see anybody get their hands on one, although the official website still states that it’s shipping in 2020. The delay means that those backers that have been waiting years for this unit will potentially need to wait a little bit longer.

Atari VCS

I think it’s telling that this delay probably happened days or weeks ago in Australia at least, and I hadn’t seen a whisper about it. As a reminder, the Atari VCS costs $699.95 AUD or $849 AUD with controllers and plays classic Atari games, new Atari games and can also double as a fairly basic gaming PC.

We’ve reached out to the local distributor, Bluemouth Interactive and we’ll keep you posted if we hear anymore about this.