Atari VCS

The Atari VCS Console Will Cost $699/$849 In Australia

It’s been announced that Bluemouth Interactive will be bringing the Atari VCS to Australia. For those looking to buy it, it will cost $699 or $849 AUD when it releases in November.

The $699 version includes a 8GB Atari VCS (it seems like it won’t come with any controller), whilst the $849 “All-In” bundle includes the Atari VCS Classic Joystick and the Atari VCS Modern Controller. The Joystick and Controller are each available for $109.95. You can pre-order the console right now at EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, The Gamesmen,, or

The Atari VCS sits somewhere between a PC and a gaming console. The unit will house an AMD Ryzen processor that is capable of 4K HDR video streaming as well as WiFi and Bluetooth. The console will be able to launch into two different platforms. Atari World will house over 100 home and arcade classics whilst Atari PC Sandbox Mode will essentially turn your console into a PC (that can run Windows among other operating systems) to enjoy PC gaming on your big screen.

In terms of power, it’s a fairly low powered PC, that won’t be able to play a lot of the new releases. It’ll likely be used for retro games and hopefully streaming.

Atari VCS

Bluemouth Managing Director, David Provan had the below to say about the Atari VCS:

“Working with the Atari team and being given the responsibility to drive this exciting new piece
of the iconic Atari brand in this territory is both a privilege and an honour for me personally and
professionally. One of the most recognisable and authentic brands not just in gaming but as a
lifestyle brand itself, the Atari VCS will honour its past but will be ready for the future.

At a time when we are all looking for fresh and innovative ways to consume various forms of
content (both new and old), the VCS combines nearly 50 years of entertainment into one stylish
creation, opening up our lounge rooms to near infinite content possibilities from one device.

Its form and function is unapologetically different, as Atari fans want it to be. Being a
PC/Console hybrid device allows for a stylish yet minimalistic icon to grace our lounge rooms,
whilst offering the power, openness, and upgradeability that typically only comes with a big
ugly PC. That for me is its ‘X Factor’, and for that I’m very excited!”