Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Preview – Say Hello To Cursed Wombat

I wonder if it poops cursed cubes.

Magic: The Gathering’s next big release, Modern Horizons III, is gearing up for launch on June 14th, and we’ve got another exclusive card preview for you with a bit of an Aussie twist.

Modern Horizons III will include more than 300 cards for the Modern format, including brand-new cards, new-to-Modern reprints and reprints of existing Modern cards, and will introduce new double-faced Planeswalkers among more.

If you’re ready to jump into some Modern play and stare lovingly at some gorgeous new cards, you can mosey on over to the official page for Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons III and don’t forget to attend your local pre-release event for the set – you can head here to locate your nearest pre-release at a Wizards Play Networks store.

Without further ado though, let’s take a look at our exclusive preview of a brand-new card in MtG’s Modern Horizons III release. I present to you…


Cursed Wombat is a 2/3 uncommon green and black Creature – Nightmare Wombat card with a mana cost of {B}{G} that looks appropriately like absolute nightmare fuel.

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Cursed Wombat’s abilities include an Adapt 2 which allows the controlling player to place two +1/+1 counters on it (providing it has none so far) for a cost of 2{B}{G}, as well as an ability that triggers once per turn where permanents under your control that gain any number of +1/+1 counters will receive an additional +1/+1 counter. It sounds like a curse you’d be happy to receive, then.

Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Preview cursed wombat

The card’s fantastic art comes from artist Igor Krstic:

Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Preview cursed wombat

You can pre-order Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons III now: