The Original Dead Rising Is Getting A “Deluxe Remaster”

Frank's back!

Out of nowhere, Capcom has revealed that it’s bringing back the original 2006 Dead Rising, with a fresh new version of the game titled Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster.

The game was revealed via a short teaser trailer that doesn’t give a whole lot away, simply saying that the game is coming to the newest generation of platforms and will be an “updated release with a new look.”

In the trailer we can see a birds-eye view of the iconic Willamette Mall, before the camera pans to give us a look at everyone’s favourite freelance journalist, Frank West (sans original voice actor). Interestingly, despite being called a remaster, something Capcom already did in 2016 with the Dead Island HD Remaster, the game definitely looks closer to a remake. Though given Capcom’s track record with the scope and scale of its remakes it might have been hesitant to lump DRDR in with the Resident Evil remakes. Or, it just thought that DRDR looked cool – it’s Capcom, after all.

No release window is given, but the trailer text does say “And now in 2024,” which would lead us to believe the game will be out this year.

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Check out the teaser trailer for Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster below:

The last Dead Rising game, Dead Rising 4, came out all the way back in 2016 and wasn’t exactly a hit. Our own review scored it a 6/10, with Steven saying, “Above all, Dead Rising 4 feels uninspired. Most of what we have here has been seen before, from the unoriginal satire on consumerism and government zombie conspiracy story, to the combo weapons and combat in general, it’s all been done better before by previous Dead Rising titles. I’m not sure if straight to video, shallow Christmas film was what the Capcom Vancouver were aiming for here, but it’s what we’ve got. Dead Rising 4 might be fun as a once off if you just want a mindless way to grind through zombies with goofy characters, weapons, and a Christmas theme, but you’ll be disappointed if you expect any more.”

A fifth original entry in the series titled Dead Rising: Dia de los Muertos was planned and ultimately cancelled.