Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Cheaters Use Egg Glitch To Make Gyms Unbeatable

A new glitch is allowing players to put an egg into a gym which makes them unbeatable. Due to the fact that eggs are obviously not Pokemon, they don’t have a move set or CP which makes them unchallengeable.

Once in control of the gym, the player is able to earn copious amounts of Pokecoins, without ever having to worry about losing the gym. Other players of the same team can also occupy the gym alongside the egg and benefit from the glitch.

This is a major issue as obviously the main form of earning currency in Pokemon GO is through in-app purchases, so a glitch that allows players to essentially earn free money, is extremely troublesome.

Ninantic are yet to comment on the glitch, but they’ve already gone on the record in saying that they’ll have absolutely no hesitation to permaban players for taking advantage of glitches.

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