Nintendo Switch Will Actually Support MicroSD Cards Up To 2TB In Size

Further to earlier statements that the Nintendo Switch would only be compatible with  256 Gigabyte Micro SDXC, Nintendo has now revealed to Game Informer that the Nintendo Switch is in-fact compatible with Micro SDXD Cards up to 2tb of memory.

Nintendo are definitely future proofing the Switch as 2tb Micro SD cards aren’t readily available to consumers yet. In-fact, 1TB aren’t readily available yet either. 512gb are available for around $300 which is still quite expensive.

Nintendo has said that they plan to bring Hard-drive support to the Nintendo Switch some point but this functionality will definitely not be available at launch.

The Nintendo Switch will come with 32gb internal storage space.

The Switch will launch in Australia on March 3rd for $469.95

Thanks, Gameinformer.