Japanese Retailer Recommends Sony Portable Charger For Charging Your Nintendo Switch

Firstly, it’s incredibly hilarious that Yodobashi, the largest Tech retailer in Japan is recommending a Sony portable charger for charging your Nintendo Switch, but secondly, it’s actually really useful information. Gamers have been trying to work out exactly what portable charger to get for their Nintendo Switch, as it takes a lot of power to charge the unit up.

The two portable chargers listed both have USB-C output. Their model numbers are:

  • CP-E61C which is 6100 mAH in capacity
  • CP-E87C which is 8700 mAH in capacity.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 5.39.42 pm

From what I can see, these two models are brand new and not yet available in Australia. JB Hi-Fi have this one available which should do the trick. It’s got a ton of capacity and is available here.