Call Of Duty: WW2 Could Potentially Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

A few recent events has led people to believe that Call Of Duty: WW2 could be coming to Nintendo Switch. Now, these point to the possibility of this, but definitely don’t confirm it. With the Nintendo Switch seeing success beyond what publishers expected, it’s quite likely that companies will reassess bringing major games to the platform.

Firstly, it’s almost confirmed that the team at Beenox are working on the game. They were previously responsible for working on the PS3/360 versions of previous Call of Duty titles, and we know that WW2 is not coming to either PS3/360.

Also, the Call of Duty online website just updated to include adding a Nintendo Network account. This option had previously disappeared before the release of Black Ops 3. There’s no reason currently to link a Nintendo Network ID due to the fact that a Call of Duty game hasn’t released on a Nintendo platform in years, and there currently isn’t any games in the franchise announced for release.


This could mean that a Call of Duty game is in the works for Nintendo Switch, even if it’s a watered down version of WW2 or something different entirely.

All will likely be revealed at E3 in just over three weeks. Nintendo has confirmed that they’ll be having a presentation, so it’s more than likely that we’ll see some massive third-party games revealed for the platform.

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