Mario Can Wear Peach’s Wedding Dress In Super Mario Odyssey

As there are a bunch of lucky people in the wild who already have their hands on the game and its accompanying amiibo, we’ve gotten a cool glimpse of something thanks to an unboxing video that surfaced online recently.

As we all know, there’s a Peach amiibo where she’s dressed to kill in her wedding dress, tiara and big blue earrings to boot. During the unboxing, the packaging of the amiibo is turned over, revealing for a brief second the costume that unlocks after using it. As you guessed it, it’s Mario in a dress.

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And damn, he looks good.

If you pause at around six and a half minutes as the box is flipped over, you can see it on the right-hand side there.

Super Mario Odyssey and its amiibo all release on October 27 for Nintendo Switch.

(Thanks, Polygon)