Meet The Nintendo Switch XL, AKA This Guy’s Ungodly Creation

This is one of the funnier thing I’ve seen on the internet of late.

Some guy has attached a smallish monitor to his Nintendo Switch with duck tape and velcro and literally created a Nintendo Switch XL. He literally is using this as a portable console. It looks uncomfortable, but he clearly seems to be playing some FIFA/Breath of the Wild.

Honestly, the prototype was made in less than a day is ugly as hell, but it’s actually quite clever. Both the Switch dock and the monitor are running off the portable battery and he’s obviously purchased replacement Joy-Con shells in order to slide them into each side of the monitor.

He estimates it’d cost about $600 or so to make (think this might include the Switch) with a 1080p monitor. One of the other positives using this method is that you’re getting fully docked speeds in portable mode.