Doom Eternal Is Also Launching On Nintendo Switch

Doom Eternal just got its huge gameplay reveal at QuakeCon 2018 that was teased back in June at E3, and it looks crazy good.

What’s exciting for Nintendo fans is that Bethesda has indicated that Doom Eternal is perhaps going to be its first simultaneous system launch which sees the Switch version arriving the same day as its PlayStation and Xbox counterparts.

The wording of the embedded tweet suggests all systems are launching at the same time, which is great news for those tired of waiting for the Nintendo Switch ports.

Panic Button retweeted the news, suggesting they’re the team behind it. Obviously, they’re already journeymen when it comes to porting for the Switch with their Doom, Wolfenstein II and Rocket League ports going beyond expectations, plus they’re behind the Warframe port launching later this year. So, it’s been quite a couple of years for Panic Button.

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Sadly no release date accompanied Doom Eternal’s reveal, but we’re sure 2019 is a broad enough window to aim at.