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Current Nintendo Switch Design With A 7-Inch Display

The New Nintendo Switch Will Apparently Use Nvidia DLSS For 4K Graphics

Bloomberg is reporting more information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch model that is set to launch later this year.

As expected, the report confirms that the new Nintendo Switch will use a new NVIDIA chip that will support DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling). This uses artificial intelligence to deliver higher frame rates and will theoretically allow the Switch to deliver 4K graphics (or at least higher than what the current model does) when connected to the TV.

DLSS was introduced into PC gaming in 2019 and has been consistently getting better since games started utilising it on PC a couple of years ago.

The report goes on to say that the new Nintendo Switch will bring a better CPU and increased memory. Support of DLSS will also require games to be updated, so it’s likely that this will be incorporated on newer games, with the potential for older games to be updated to support it.

It was previously reported that the new Nintendo Switch model will feature a 7-inch OLED screen, which is a tad larger than what is currently in the Nintendo Switch model.

We’ll keep you posted on any announcements about a new Nintendo Switch model. It’s still unlikely that we’ll see any kind of announcement in the first half of this year, but anything is possible.