Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread Is The First New 2D Side-Scrolling Metroid Game In Nearly 20 Years

Nintendo has announced a new Metroid game and it’s the first new Metroid 2D side-scrolling game in nearly 20 years.

It’s called Metroid Dread and it’s been talked about since 2010. The game is a sequel to Metroid Fusion and pushes the Metroid story forward for the first time in a long time and will supposedly conclude the story between Samus and the Metroids.


The game is being developed by MercurySteam, who developed the Metroid 2 remake. As such, the melee counter returns along with a brand new dash melee attack.

The game is called Dread because it appears to be leaning more into the horror elements that made brief appearances in Metroid Fusion with the SA-X. This time around, the E.M.M.I. robot will stalk Samus. She’ll have to use her abilities to avoid and hide from it, sometimes in plain sight.

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There’s also a new double pack of amiibo – featuring Samus in her new Metroid Dread suit as well as the E.M.M.I. robot. The functionality has yet to be confirmed.

Nintendo also announced a special edition of the game. It includes a steelbook case, art cards, and a 190-page art book filled with artwork from the five games in the mainline series. A local release is confirmed, so keep an eye out on your local retailer for pre-order details.

Metroid Dread releases on October 8th 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.