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Wii U Repair Support Is Officially Over As Nintendo Has Run Out Of Parts

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Just a few months after Nintendo finally pulled the plug on the Wii U’s online services, it’s not put a final nail in the console’s coffin with the announcement that support for repairs of the console is officially ending.

The news comes with a little warning, as the company had previously let folks know that supply of replacement parts for the Wii U was dwindling, but now the time has come and Nintendo says it simply doesn’t have any spare Wii U bits lying around to fix up faulty or damaged machines.

The information can be found on the Nintendo Japan support website, which lists all of the consoles and devices that the company no longer accepts repairs for and now includes the Wii U, although at the time of writing it’s still possible to submit a request on the Nintendo Australia website to send in a faulty Wii U to be looked at for a fee – along with a number of other legacy devices.

It’s hard to imagine there are too many folks out there desperate to keep their Wii U consoles alive at this point. The device had a famously lukewarm response, and Nintendo quickly abandoned it in favour of the turnaround in success it had with the Switch. Many of the Wii U’s better first-party titles eventually got re-releases for the Switch, as well. Still, preservation isn’t just for the winners so if you’ve got a working Wii U, treat that thing with the care it deserves.

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Naturally, eyes are less on legacy Nintendo hardware and more on the future at this point, with the successor to the Nintendo Switch still looming and the world anticipating the company’s previously-confirmed reveal happening at some point between now and its next fiscal year – so by March 2025 at the latest.