Skate’s Spiritual Successor ‘Session’ Is Playable Now

For those who have been clamouring for a long time hoping that EA might finally make a new Skate game, Session might very well be what you need in your life.

Session is going to launch its Kickstarter campaign in a couple of weeks, but that hasn’t stopped the Canadian developer, Crea-ture, from putting out a playable demo to showcase the game’s brutal brand of skateboarding realism.

You can download the PC demo right here.

Although the demo is only for PC at the moment, the team at Crea-ture states they’re hoping to get the game onto consoles through stretch goals on Kickstarter when the campaign eventually does launch.

“As stated before, this doesn’t mean at all that we will make this game for PC only. Far from it. We want this game on console as much as we want it on PC. However, we’ll need your help to get there so we will most definitely have stretch goals for consoles,” said the team.

“We hope you will still enjoy the demo even if it is not out for consoles yet. We feel the game is fun enough and want to make it accessible to everyone so you can see for yourself how the game feels, plays and see its potential.”