Kmart Anko Gaming Range

Kmart Has A New Super Cheap Gaming Range

Kmart got out of gaming a long time ago, but it looks like they’re creeping back into the segment. They’ve just launched a brand new gaming range featuring speakers, a keyboard, a mouse and some headsets.

The products are Anko brand (which is Kmart’s own brand), and obviously they’re most likely to be super low-end, which is reflected in the price as well. You can find the range HERE or we’ve listed out the products below. Just think about it. With all the money you’ve saved, you could also afford to upgrade your gaming desk.

The products are all full of bling with RGB and the like, but the most impressive product seems to be the $39 mechanical keyboard, which has blue switch keys with removal keycaps, 12 LED modes and anti ghosting keys. For $39, I’m not sure if you can really complain.

Kmart Mechanical Keyboard

If you’re really into the range, you can go the whole hog and deck your setup like this, full of Kmart products.

Full Kmart SEtup