Safe In Our World

The Safe In Our World Charity Bundle Hopes To Raise Awareness For Mental Health

The team over at Fanatical has launched a new bundle of games on the first anniversary of Safe In Our World’s launch, an initiative to raise awareness for mental health issues within the videogame space, provide resources, and most importantly, help.

Taken from the team’s own mission statement, Safe In Our World aims to be “an online destination where people can seek help, gain access to resources and information, and discover stories from real people within and surrounding the games industry, with more detailed policies available via the website. Safe in Our World is a worldwide hub accessible for anyone in need”.

In hopes of raising some much-needed money for mental health awareness, they’ve put together a bundle of seven games—all with their own ties to mental health in their own right. Click here to head over to the bundle page.

The games are:

  • Gris
  • Avicii Invector
  • Rime
  • The Town of Light
  • Dear Esther
  • Fractured Minds
  • Meadow

Fractured Minds, in particular, is a profound addition to this bundle. The game was the recipient of the BAFTA Young Game Designers Award and was created by Emily Mitchell at just age 17 in hope of aiding understanding and awareness of mental illness.

While the entire bundle is valued at almost $150AUD, it can be picked up for just $7.75AUD. Of course, that’s the minimum spend, you’re also able to donate as much as you like to the worthy cause.

Obviously, like most other bundles of this nature, the games are distributed via Steam codes on PC.