Far Cry 5’s Location Has Been Revealed

Overnight Ubisoft has revealed that Far Cry 5 won’t be set in the Wild West as originally theorised, instead opting for the sweeping plains of Hope County, Montana. Ubisoft has released a handful of teasers that, while short, give us a great look at some of Far Cry 5’s stunning environments.

Those that look closely enough will notice that not all is as it seems in these teasers, as within each rests a disturbing truth about Hope County.

You might notice the dead body being eased down the river, the man running desperately for his life only to be gunned down in the back, the church bellringer using someone’s head as a battering ram to sound off during ‘Amazing Grace’ or the blood-curdling screams that disturb a peaceful view of the mountainous ranges. Either way, it’s clear murder is afoot in Hope County.

Each of the teasers closes by confirming there will be a “worldwide reveal” on Friday, May 26.

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