How To Download Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta On PS4/Xbox One

The Star Wars Battlefront II beta has just gone live for people who have preordered the game either digitally or physically. You might not be able to find it so we’ve gone through the steps in order to find it on the PlayStation Store and Xbox One store.

The client comes in at about 15GB, so definitely get downloading as soon as possible to ensure you can jump in when you want to.


  • Redeem your code on either the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store
  • Head to the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tile and go to Beta OR search BETA and it should come up as one of the first options
  • Initiate the download.

The beta will become available for everyone later in the week and there currently appears to be some issues with the download on the PlayStation Store in Australia, but hopefully they sort themselves out.

Here’s everything included in the beta:

Galactic Assault: In this large scale 20 vs. 20 mode, defend Naboo in the capital city of Theed as a one of four distinct trooper classes, or join the ranks of the Separatists and storm the royal palace. Players will have access to ground and air vehicles, team-play and heroes from all three eras.

Starfighter Assault: In this 24-player mode on Fondor, race as the Rebel Alliance to destroy a Star Destroyer or rally as the Galactic empire to defend it in a deep dogfighting space gameplay experience comprised of three stages, a variety of starfighter and hero ships, and ship customization.

Strike: Join a team of First Order troopers or Resistance fighters in 8 vs. 8 battles around Maz Kanada’s castle on the lush green planet of Takodana. Players must rely on unique skills of the Heavy, Specialist, Assault and Officer classes, utilizing teamwork to bring forth victory.

Arcade: Players may engage in solo or split screen co-op (console only) in Onslaught, choosing to either take on waves of enemies as Darth Maul, or repress enemy fire in Team Battle in Naboo’s capital city, Thee

There’s also a number of daily challenges:

October 4: Assault Trooper Challenges

Play as all 4 assault trooper classes and defeat 150 enemies in any mode.

October 5: Battle Points and Hero Challenges

Become a Hero using Battle Points, play as Light and Dark side Hero, defeat 20 enemies as Hero.

October 6: Arcade Challenges

Complete three Arcade scenarios, defeat 30 enemies.

October 7: Galactic Assault Challenges

Play one round of Galactic Assault, defeat 20 enemies while playing as Reinforcement, play as an defeat a reinforcement, Hero, villain and trooper.

October 8-9: Starfighter Assault Challenges

Become a Hero ship, destroy 5 turrets, destroy 5 objects, and get a Saviour Kill Assist 25 times.