Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Next Update Lets You Play As An Ewok

DICE has gone ahead and detailed their next update for Star Wars Battlefront 2, Night on Endor, which is due on April 18 and includes a time-limited mode known as Ewok Hunt. The update is also set to roll out the first wave of cosmetic appearances that are available via the re-worked microtransactions model.

Ewok Hunt takes place on the forest moon of Endor and pits a team of Ewoks against a team of Stormtroopers and it plays out much like a game of Halo’s Infection mode where a fallen Stormtrooper will respawn on the opposing side as the furry critters look to eradicate the Empire’s very best before their evacuation arrives. It sounds like a lot of fun and almost like a horror film for the hopeful survivors to have knee-high, furry Odd-Jobs running around with all of their bloodlust.

The April 18 update also welcomes Battlefront 2’s Crystal currency back into the fold as it returns to be the main exchange for new cosmetic appearances. They’re able to be bought with real-world money or in-game credits. This model is more in line with how many other franchises handle their microtransactions, many will recall Battlefront 2’s loot boxes originally included game-impacting items that tipped the balancing of games.

This has since been corrected and DICE assures that only cosmetic items are now available using microtransactions.