Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII Is Almost Certainly This Year’s COD Game

Call Of Duty games always leak early. Whilst they’re not the hardest games to predict (as they usually follow a pretty set routine), they usually leak early, whether this be a controlled leak (which it looks to be in this case) or just by industry insiders.

Whilst it was rumoured that Treyarch would be going back to Black Ops for this year’s iteration. It’s pretty much confirmed at this point (unless Activision as really trying to throw us off the scent).

It all began yesterday, when COD: Black Ops 4 merchandise started appearing in Gamestop’s system. 

Fast forward to today, in an even more bizarre situation, NBA Superstar, James Harden appeared in what looked like the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 logo, but with an extra stroke (indicating that its likely to be Black Ops IIII).

The reasoning behind this controlled leak is obviously that Call Of Duty would be marketing at NBA fans, and there’s no better time than in the playoffs to start pushing out the message.

Usually, Activision will announce Call Of Duty around the April/May region before a full gameplay blowout at E3 in June, so I’d expect an announcement fairly soon.