Fortnite Players Think The Meteor In The Sky Means Big Map Changes Are Coming

The latest theory to hit Fortnite suggests that Epic Games plan to get rid of Tilted Towers in the near future. Tilted Towers is definitely one of the biggest hot spots of the game, so it’d make sense for Epic to shake it up a bit.

If you’ve been playing over the weekend, you might have noticed a massive meteor in the sky as well as some new telescopes that are on the mountain below it.

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Now, looking up at the meteor makes it appear to be headed towards Tilted Towers. This coupled with the fact that the current Battle Pass is space themed, leads people to believe that Tilted Towers will soon be replaced with a space station of sorts.

Other people believe that this could be hinting at a new space-themed map, as Epic has previously revealed that they’d be open to bringing other maps to the game.


  1. i saw a video were it said they were replacing a place called captive castle for tilted towers reason being:
    people who went to places example retail row weren’t getting enouh action my say to this was if u wanted more action then go to tilted towers your self but I guess I was wrong because the fortnite community said that it is TO MUCH action but my last say to this is MAKE UP YOUR MIND

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