God Of War’s Epic Soundtrack Is Getting The Vinyl Treatment

Yep, PlayStation just revealed on the God of War launch stream that Bear McCreary’s absolutely stunning soundtrack is getting the Vinyl treatment. Once you play through the new God Of War, you’ll realise that the score is one of the best in any game released to date.

It will feature original artwork and be pressed on two coloured 180 gram vinyls. You can preorder right now and it’ll be available in June. It’s set to ship in June. You can pre-order it right HERE.

The track listing is below:

Side A
01. God Of War (4:09)
02. Memories Of Mother (3:40)
03. Witch Of The Woods (3:05)
04. Lullaby Of The Giants (3:45)
05. Ashes (6:11)

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Side B
06. Peaks Pass (2:35)
07. A Giant’s Prayer (2:01)
08. The Dragon (3:46)
09. Mimir (2:58)
10. Magni and Modi (2:51)
11. Echoes Of An Old Life (3:46)
12. Helheim (3:22)

Side C
13. The Healing (3:17)
14. The Reach Of Your Godhood (2:38)
15. Stone Mason
16. Valkyries (5:10)
17. Deliverance (6:20)

Side D
18. Salvation (6:50)
19. The Ninth Realm (5:00)
20. Epilogue (0:48)
21. The Summit (3:22)

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