The Next Battlefield Game Almost Certainly Just Got A Reveal Date

Some pretty clever Battlefield fans have discovered what appears to be the reveal date for the next Battlefield game. The pretty obvious clue was found in Battlefield 1 and heavily hints at the fact that we’ll know about the next Battlefield game on May 23rd.

Basically, the mystery door in the ‘Isolement Easter Egg’ contained this painting of a horse, but people also noticed a dripping noise that sounded like morse code. When translated, it revealed this mystery website with the slogan ‘Never Be The Same’. 

The website simply states May 23rd as well as #Battlefield, making it pretty obvious that we’ll be finding out more about the next Battlefield in a few weeks.

It’s unclear at this point where the next Battlefield game will be set, however there’s been a lot of speculation about it having a Battle Royale mpde.