PlayStation 4 Is Apparently Entering The Final Phase Of Its Life Cycle

During Sony’s IR day, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO John Tsuyoshi Kodera shared a handful of statements regarding the company’s current business plans. There was a lot of interesting stuff, but the most curious of which is where he states that the PlayStation 4 is entering its final phase in its life cycle.

Obviously, he doesn’t elaborate on how much longer the console might have left before Sony introduces their next console, but it’s certainly interesting given the console isn’t really that old when you consider the Pro launched in late 2016.

With almost 80m units shipped, nobody can say it hasn’t performed for Sony.

During the same meeting, Kodera acknowledged the growth issues with both the PlayStation VR and Vue and signalled that the company would endeavour to improve the engagement for both.

It was also noted that beyond 2018, Sony would put more effort into the development and enhancement of exclusive titles. Though it’s not exactly a trouble area for Sony with God of War charting through the roof, it’s good to know they’re going to continue the level of quality we’ve grown accustomed to from Sony’s first-party studios.

“As for first party investment, it isn’t necessarily only about increasing new IPs,” said Kodera.

“Part of it is about refreshing current IPs, and enhancing contents by developing franchises for successful IPs.”