There’s A New ‘Escape Plan’ Item Being Teased For Fortnite’s v5.30 Patch On Thursday

Fortnite is receiving its v5.30 patch this Thursday, which will no doubt include a range of updates, but over on Reddit, an Epic employee is teasing an exciting new item.

In the thread, user MrPopoTFS (identified as an Epic employee) wrote:

Are you a player on the go? Carry an escape plan in your back pocket with a new item making it’s way to Battle Royale!

/popcorn emote

Of course, the comment is vague, but it’s already got people speculating as to what an item allowing you to make an escape might involve.

Of course, Launch Pads, Port a Forts and Impulse Grenades can all provide useful escapes, but how might this item differ? Could it teleport you somehow, allow you to disappear into a puff of smoke, spawn a getaway vehicle or launch you even further than Impulse Grenades?

Thankfully we don’t have too long to wait until we find out.


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