Fortnite Is Raising The Stakes With A New Getaway Game Mode

Epic isn’t letting up when it comes to releasing new Fortnite content. To keep you hooked, they’re adding a new heist limited time game mode, called Getaway, as part of the High Stakes event that includes new skins, a new piece of back bling and a glider, as well as a brand new item, the Grappler.

Announced during PAX West 2018, you can see the new game mode in action in the clip below.

In what is perhaps the biggest departure from the core multiplayer Battle Royale mode yet, the Getaway game mode pits squads against each other as they compete to collect a jewel which must then be escorted to the getaway van. Be the first team to steal four jewels, and you’ll get the Victory Royale.

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Of course, the event includes the usual suite of new skins, as well as a new piece of back bling and a new glider, pictured below.

There’s no word yet when the event is due to start, but all signs seem to suggest it will go live soon, perhaps in the next week.

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