Get A Load Of The Suit You Unlock For Getting 100% In Spider-Man

Open world games often have a special treat for finishing off everything the game has to offer. With Grand Theft Auto: Vice City I remember the pride I felt when I donned my Frankie outfit after finding the last of those bloody hidden packages in the pre-YouTube days. Spider-Man is no different as it saves a special something-something for those who go the distance.


Beyond this point, there’ll be spoilers related to endgame rewards for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Proceed with caution or return once you’ve completed the game.

After completing the main story, all of the side quests and managing to get 100% completion in each and every district, you unlock a suit. In fact, it’s closer to a birthday suit than anything else.

During a baffling cutscene that follows a mission where Spider-Man battles through a hallucinogenic daze brought on by Scorpion’s poisonous tail, Peter finds himself standing nearly stark naked in a pair of undies with his face all over them. The scene comes from way left field but is passed over rather quickly so I was super surprised to see that this look was saved for the game’s hardest-to-get suit.

How’s the rig, though?

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