Days Gone’s Delay Was Strategic To Get Out Of The Crazy February Period

It was revealed in October that Days Gone would be delayed from its February 22nd release date until April 2019. At the time, it was thought that the game was delayed for further polish (which the team definitely took the opportunity to do) but Sony Bend’s Senior Animator, Emmanuel Roth revealed that the team had decided to delay the game out of the busy February period after E3 saw the announcement of a bunch of February games (Anthem, Crackdown, Metro, Far Cry etc).

“We announced at E3 that the game would come out in February, which we thought was great because nobody had owned that date. Then straight after E3, we realised four other big games were coming out all at the same time, so we realised it was not smart for us to be in that moment, so we pushed it. It’s not too long of a delay, only just a little bit more than a month, but it was a strategic move” said Roth.

We then asked about how the team has used the extra time time to work on the game.

“We’ve stopped working on the game, but we’re still taking all of the time we can to polish the time, do user tests and improve as many things as possible”. said Roth.

You can read our Days Gone preview right HERE.

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