The Last of Us Part II Accessibility

The Last Of Us Part II’s Accessibility Options Are Absolutely Fantastic

Sony has detailed The Last Of Us Part II’s accessibility options and they seem beyond anything that I’ve seen in a game before(or at least any of Sony’s first party games).

There’s over 60 accessibility options (which you can read about here), and there’s things that you’d expect to see such as the ability to completely customise controls, but there’s a lot of other areas that have been worked on to make the game as accessible as possible.

One of the bigger ones are magnification  (using the DualShock 4 Touchpad to zoom in on things), but in the visuals department there’s also the ability to add high contrast visuals aids (which is really useful in a game like things where things can be dark and hard to make out as it is).

There’s also a lot of options for those who want to play through the story but don’t play a lot of games. Things like the navigation assistance arrow that will constantly tell you where you need to go next, or an option to skip through puzzles if you’re finding them tough to deal with.

There’s also a lot of great audio options, such as text to speech and audio cues for being able to get through combat sequences. In the way of subtitles, there’s a lot of great options for size, colours and things like arrows pointing to the person speaking.

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There’s also a lot of customisation around notion sickness and how quickly or slow things fly around the screen during combat.

Outside of this, there’s a number of things that can make combat easier such as enemies not flanking you, or their accuracy being reduced. There’s also a lot of customisation when it comes to HUD both from an accessibility point of view, but also just for those that are into HUD customisation.

All of these accessibility options will not only help those that might be impaired in some way, but those that might have watched a loved one play through the original game and want to play through this, but might not have gamed extensively before. It’s great to see and something that we’ll hopefully see more in games as time goes on.

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